About Us

Samko Concept Asia Co. Ltd.

 We are essential environmental design company forward-looking one, was founded in 2009, has been committed to the development of air nursing technology unique in Hongkong, and continuously improve product quality, to provide customers with the most simple method and economy in different environment, to provide professional,reliable and efficient service, to help enterprises to improve the image of aromatherapyand marketing atmosphere.

In a few short years our business has been successfully by Hongkong expanding to Macao, Taiwan and Chinese more than 20 area, Southeast Asia and the United States and Canada are developing market.

 In 2012 we more to promote their products to home and personal aspects, in order tocreate a new era of aromatherapy art.
Samko Business scope

For the customer design exclusive unique scent
Provide on-the-spot investigation and design unit
Replace the regular service