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All information and data available on the web site SAMKO is only used for teachingand information use.

2.  trademarks

Unless otherwise specified, including all trademarks but not limited to the SAMKO name, iScentand the site to show all other samko or iScent markers were protected by SAMKOtrademark ownership, without a license, is strictly prohibited in any way for other goods and services as the name, which may cause confusion to consumers, lossy or damage to the rights and interests of SAMKO.

Whether registered or not, the spirit of respecting other trademarks, service marks and names of commodities principle, for referring to the vocabulary and marking, this site does not make adescription of the relevant rights. However, this does not mean that the trademark, name of commodity, vocabulary or marks are not protected.

3: no representation or warranty liability clause

SAMKO is responsible for all content on this website, the website of the content: information,materials, products and activities to the "no assurance" as the basic principle of any kind, noexpress or implied warranty or statement.

In the maximum legal constraints, SAMKO for such representations or warranties from liability,including applicable to commercial or a particular purpose guarantee. In addition, SAMKO does not represent or warrant that the information on this website the accuracy, reliability, integrity and instant.

In any case, SAMKO are not due to the use of, or the inability to use the samko.CN to accessthe information provided on this site and / or products, responsible and any resulting loss due to the use of the site. Including: any direct, indirect, incidental or causality losses, loss of profits,loss of data, claim the penalty loss and / or any third party.

4. product information

All products of this website shows are available at all SAMKO designated dealers.

SAMKO tried to on the website show exactly the product shape and color, you currently enjoy the color depends on your monitor, so there may be inaccurate.

5. security and privacy

Except in the following situations on the website or otherwise expressly stated, when you are browsing the site, SAMKO will not collect your personal information.

When you fill in the membership data for a login the website to buy products and after-sales inquiry, we will require you to provide specific personal information name, email and contact, we need these information to register the member grade and statistical preferential information in your.

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SAMKO promises without the written permission of the circumstances, be shared with third parties, the rent or to provide any personal information.

More sent to the SAMKO site information, information, advice, ideas or opinions will not be as confidential, proprietary or confidential commercial information, submitted to this type of information means that you agree to grant SAMKO irrevocable and unrestricted license allows toany use to use, modify, copy, transmission, display and the release of such information. Unlessin the legal constraints, such as without your written consent, SAMKO will use your name isn't onthis kind of information, information, advice, ideas or opinions.

6. links sites may contain relevant information or Internet links to third party. SAMKO relevant information will be wrong this kind of third party and / or the responsible product. In addition,SAMKO to other website contains information and products did not know, not on such information and / or products and the third party web site privacy assume any responsibility.

7. change

SAMKO keep in any way, for any reason to make a change to the web site content to the right, without advance notice, and the changes of the content of the likely consequences will not be responsible for.