Frequently Asked Questions


1. direct customer service consulting, we will have a professional team for the specific design of spatial location, create a unique air environment
2. to negotiate purchase agreement, the person responsible for the follow-up tracking
3. order process establishment, professionals responsible for the whole installation and debugging

1. how to choose fragrance and model?
Hello, samko's team in different environments have different flavor and model design, you can select the reference page intoxicating fragrance series, or contact online customer service staff to provide professional consulting for your choice.

2. air purification effect how?
Hello, samko products are through the professional organization, to obtain the relevant patent certificate and test report to prove, query relevant certificate and test report can click on the "genuine patent", according to professional report shows the effect of purifying air in the machine apply range very Zhong Kaiqi five time of air purification and sterilization rate can reach above 90%. Air purification and sterilization effects are very significant.

3. fragrance will not impact on the human body, taste strong?
Hello, samko product flavor is the source of pure essential oil, and through the security processing for solid fragrance element, the use is more safe and convenient, essential element of flavor is very stable, only with the use of only diffusion taste air purification aromatherapy machine, and aromatherapy machine is personable big small different regulatory design, flavor concentration can be set automatically according to personal preference. Different fragrance also have different use of the environment, details please refer to the "intoxicating fragrance system" or contact customer service. If you have a unique fragrance of their own needs customized, can contact customer service consulting specific custom details.